Life Through a Lens

“Let’s go in here!” her friend calls. “I came last week with my friends. It’s kinda grungy, but I bet you’ll love it.”

The doorframe is painted blue and it’s the only thing on the outside that seems like it’s been painted within the last 30 years. As they walk through the door, they’re instantly transported to a different era. The booths are as old and cracked as the faces in them. Everyone glares because, clearly, they don’t belong. It’s eerily silent, the only sound coming from a lonesome radio that’s sound is spiked with static and the scraping of a metal spatula against the exposed grill.

Finally, a boy sitting at the counter speaks to them.

“How are you guys doing?”

In unison, the girls reply: “Fine! How are you?”

Everyone here is so kind, welcoming, helpful. And to think that these were the people that she’d heard people judge before. Sketchy, creepy, stay away.

They leave and she realizes that maybe in the dark she would feel differently, but right now, as the sun beats down on her shoulders, she’s watching the world through a lens. And in her eyes, her lens, it’s all beautiful.


Hi friends! So this post is based on a day downtown with my friends. If you wanna see more, feel free to check out my Youtube Channel!


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