Be Content

I wrote a song when I was 14 years old called “Eyes of Innocence.” I loved it, and I still do. Loved it enough to have it copywrited at the same age. I enjoyed it so much because it was a deeply personal song. It’s really about how being a kid is where it’s at, you know? You can believe anything you want, and no one is going to tell you that you’re wrong.

Do you fly away to Neverland to play with Peter Pan and his Lost Boys every night? Heck, yeah. Do pirate ships soar through the sky? Of course! Are fireflies fairies in disguise? Yes, but don’t tell anyone because it’s supposed to be a secret—they trusted me with this top-secret information, and I can’t betray them.

It’s an age where people provide for you, when things are handed to you if they’re too high for you to reach. It’s a time when, if you’re lucky, you get tucked into bed every night. Basically, the principle question in the song is “wasn’t it easier searching for Neverland through eyes of innocence?”

Because we grow up, and things aren’t always so easy now that we’ve lost that shimmer of incorruptibility.

Back in the day, people could tell us that fairies don’t exist and there’s no way that we’d ever believe that. We’d go on playing, pretending, without a care in the world. Now, it takes a mere dirty look for someone to ruin our entire day.

It’s funny how we spend our whole young lives striving for adulthood. For me, it was idolizing the fact that adults got to choose the magnets that went on the fridge and the food that went inside of it. We want to learn to drive so that we can go anywhere we want! We want a job so that we can have money to buy cool things like toys.

So I grew up. I went vegan and suddenly I had to do the grocery shopping. It was fun! … once… Then I learned how to drive, and I thought I’d finally found freedom. Turns out, it’s the worst. And I have a job! But it’s not fun. And I don’t spend my money on toys, I spend my money on Chipotle on the occasion that I decide to “treat myself.”

Getting what we want will never be enough, so instead, I think it’s important to learn sufficiency. Because when we finally get what we wanted, what we thought was going to be incredible, it’s going to let us down.

So wherever you are, young or old, take your time, and be grateful for wherever you are right now. Cease your striving for something more, and instead be grateful for the fact that God has given you another day, another breath. Goals are good, but don’t let them consume you, and don’t let the things that you want become the things that define you—because that only leads to a life of endless struggling and disappointment.

Embrace your innocence, my friends, and be content.


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