Repeat After Me

Repeat after me:

“I am strong. I am enough. I am worthy.”

Or perhaps you’d rather something more like this:

“Today, you are perfect. You are fearless.”

Or maybe fitness mantras are more your style:

“One more. Stay focused. Make like Forrest.”

It’s called psycho-cybernetics, training yourself to repeat certain affirmations regularly. Just as people who practice making free throws in their mind do just as well as those who physically make free throws till the day’s end, people can train themselves to believe something just by constant repetition.

Think back to your days in grade school. Memorization and repetition was a key to success. You may have rolled your eyes at the idea of flashcards right on into college, but there is something to it. Otherwise you wouldn’t still remember the words in PEMDAS, the names of the bones in your arm, or the words to that one song that you learned in first grade that lists the months of the year.

Human beings have understood the weight of repetition on the mind for years which is why psycho-cybernetics is so commonly (if not knowingly) practiced. The idea is that you don’t even need to believe whatever it is that you’re telling yourself, but through the sheer art of repetition, one is conditioned to conform their behaviors to their affirmation. Therefore, a person can learn to love themselves by repeating the phrase “I love myself unconditionally” regularly.

This goes to show that we, as a civilization, acknowledge the power of repetition.

Which only brings me to wonder… Why, then, do people even bother with watching the news?

Now, I do think that we should be informed citizens, but I don’t think that in today’s world the news is the only way.

The issue behind television programming is that humans love drama. So, we instinctively want to see said drama on TV. If everything was going well, we wouldn’t want to watch the news. No one wants to see clean rivers, happy school children, or a functioning government on television because it isn’t entertaining.

As a result, we get murders and dysfunction and crime. Over, and over, and over again. Through this repetition alone, we are training our minds in destructive thought patterns—because that’s what we see and therefore think—but it’s sort of the exact opposite of what our silly, hokey mantras are trying to change.

My argument is not that we should all just turn off the flow of current events into our homes—it’s important to be at least a little informed. I just urge us to consider the way we receive our information and the way that it is affecting our inner minds, the ones we work so hard to convert to positivity.

“I will read. I will listen. I will watch.”

It must have been a simpler time when television didn’t exist.

Do you think that the radio was less dramatic? Or maybe the telegram?


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